The belief of the Muslim


Praise be to Allah, the Owner of the universe. May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad, the noblest of the Messengers. The Prophets were sent to teach people about the belief in Allah and His Attributes and every one of the Prophets taught a pure and true Islamic belief that was free of any imperfection or falsehood.

Every Muslim carries a responsibility for learning about this correct belief in Allah and His Attributes and carrying it in the heart. It must be accepted fully, sincerely and without reservation. To the Muslim, the belief in Allah is the most precious of possessions and he or she is always careful to protect it from any dilution or corruption.

The belief of the Muslim is that Allahu ta^ala is attributed with all perfection that befits Him and is free of any imperfection. Allah, subhanahu, is the Creator of the entire universe and all that it contains and His Existence is completely unlike the existence of the creation. The highest scholars of Islam said that it is impossible for Allah to be attributed with any of the attributes of the creation. We ask that Allah, the Exalted, grant us steadfastness in accepting and preserving the genuine teachings of our religion. Amin.