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Fulfilling dreams

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"Be fearful at night when you are hopeful (of Allah’s mercy),
and be hopeful (of Allah’s mercy) if you wake up fearful.
So often time has brought hardships,
and with them, mercies (from Allah)."
Ibn ^Asakir

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A Juz' a day

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The odd weekend away without the kids is a rare treat when you become a parent. Especially when that involves attending a special event like a wedding. Just before dinner was served, a brother from our table was called up to the stage, I couldn’t make out his name but I recall the word 'hafidh' being mentioned. A beautiful recitation from the Holy Qur'an followed. At one point the brother paused to close the mus-haf he was following from, and continued reciting with what can only be described as an intense love and connection with the Honourable words. His eyes were focused on what he had committed to memory, his heart unfolding hours of study, dedication and guidance.

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The trouble with makeup

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One of the most liberating things I found about wearing the hijab was that I was able, in a way, to become anonymous. Soon after, I decided to give up my habit of wearing a full face of makeup – it didn’t seem to be compatible with modesty. Furthermore, research for my degree detailed a more shady, provocative origin of much makeup – reddening the lips and cheeks and widening the eyes are intended, through their very nature, to attract attention.

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Woolwich: a day for reflection

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The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects (AICP) is a non-profit organisation based in the UK. Since our founding we have strived to present the positive and peaceful face of the British Muslim community. In our classes and events we emphasise social responsibility and civic-mindedness.

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Relationships at work and play

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I was watching my little boy playing the other day when I noticed a young girl approach him. My first instinct was to encourage them to play together as she looked quite sweet and seemed to be introducing herself. It was clear that he didn't want to play. He pulled back, shy and bashful. I then left it but the whole situation got me thinking – as children most of us behaved like this, boys preferring the company of boys and girls inclining towards girls for friendship. It's almost as if this inherent shyness of the opposite sex is forcibly extracted out of us as we get older – we're encouraged through nursery, school and work to mix freely and I'm not sure it's done us much good at all.

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Sacrificing what you love

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For some people it’s a shiny new gadget. For others, clothes. For me it’s cake. At first you may laugh, but quantifying a person’s enjoyment of something permissible like this will only lead you to realise how subjective the matter is. Cake forms a significant portion (both literally and metaphorically) of my day-to-day business and I’m led to believe (mainly by you girls out there!) that I’m not alone. When other people are partaking in casual conversation over coffee, I’m considering the merits of the crumb on the cake that’s being served.

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